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MESSAGE BOARDS now open! 20 categories: housing wanted, services you offer, more @ “the WALL”

Carl & Cole Message Boards: The WALL

Just Click on the logo above — or remember this direct address:

Imagine a big bulletin board on the wall of the building at the N-JUDAH stop @Carl and Cole. That’s where everyone would see your notice. So that’s where you’ll put them online:


For the sake of integrity of postings, registration is required to post anything — just as with any site. You may use a pseudonym or alias as your username, or your real name, whichever you prefer. Email info is never displayed. There is a private user-to-user messaging system built-in which includes image or other file attachments. So you can communicate very easily with respondents — without ever revealing private information. (This also requires registration)



One Comment on “MESSAGE BOARDS now open! 20 categories: housing wanted, services you offer, more @ “the WALL””

  1. Richard Hoefer July 31, 2011 at 10:48 pm #

    Hi, someone emailed me saying she had problems registering for the new Message Boards, saying the cursor on her page did not activate the field to create a username and password. Has anyone else had this problem? Please reply and let me know. It’s possible it could be related to the current arch-nemesis of websites: BROWSERS that are incompatible with certain sites! (Funny, this got solved around the year 2000 during Dotcom 1.0 — and now here we go again with a new round of websites that work on some browsers but not others. Not a good thing!)

    I will provide screenshots, or even a video of how to fill out the registration form for those who might find this helpful.


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