The WALL is our online Message Board at Carl and Cole – NOW OPEN! ( Click here ) to go!

Remember this DIRECT ADDRESS!: http://carlandcole.com/wall

Users can create and post any topics they like in a wide array of categories … from Babysitter services, dog-walking services, contracting, plumbing & electrical services, party planning services, tutoring for various school subjects, music teachers… as well as Discussions… or any topic of interest. The site is new and so participation is low right now. It will take time to reach a critical mass, but it will happen…


2 Comments on “3. WALL”

  1. Richard Hoefer July 31, 2011 at 10:02 am #

    ON JULY 23rd, Genevieve POSTED:

    Hi- I just saw the posting for this site in coffee shops. Are you going to use this blog as a community message board in any way? I’m house-sitting for a friend in the neighborhood, but am looking for a place here in Cole Valley as well. Please let me know- I’m trying to put the message out to the universe! Thanks~

    • Richard Hoefer July 31, 2011 at 10:06 am #

      Hi Genevieve. ABSOLUTELY YES! I … Truth is, I have wanted to do this for 5 years, but “work” always got in the way… But the recent circumstances PUSHED me to get a simplified version of CarlandCole.com up and running overnight. And I did. But there has always been a much larger and full community site planned, with events calendar, ROOMMATE FINDER, APARTMENT FINDER, BABYSITTER FINDER, DOG WALKING SERVICES, pages for every store and shop in the entire area, including UCSF…. There will be N-JUDAH and BUS INFO, via NextBus.com but formatted for web and MOBILE PHONES, and tied to LOCATIONS on Google Maps.

      There will be PROBLEM-RESOLUTION boards re sound & noise problems, issues related to the over-solicitation of funds on our sidewalks on Cole street which many have found out of control and completely interruptive of our enjoyment of our streets.

      There will be MUSIC & EVENTS LISTINGS — which would have helped, maybe, save the RED VIC MOVIE THEATRE, but probably not… But still, it can help promote musicians and artists in our neighborhood.

      PHOTOS AND VIDEOS from events can be shared here.

      MOUNT SUTRO FOREST walking trail PHOTOS will be posted in a few days. So few people even know of the immense beauty just blocks away and easily accessible.

      There will be SCHOOL EVENT information… SCHOOL TUTORING services for parents, (i.e., online bulletin boards for people offering these services).

      Many people don’t even know there is an APPLE MAC STORE RIGHT INSIDE UCSF’S BOOKSTORE at the top of Parnassus Avenue! You can get a new power supply for your MacBook Pro, all sorts of accessories etc.

      There will be TECH STARTUP/ ENTREPRENEUR INTRODUCTIONS & ROUNDTABLES both online and periodic “meetups” at Reverie Cafe.. where people can actually meet their neighbors they pass on the streets no one ever knowing the other exists.

      RECYCLING RESOURCES. Carpooling and other planning capabilities that never were very well able to be organized optimally without an online resource.

      And many more things. Including what cannot and WILL NOT be forgotten: A FULL RESOURCE PAGE with comprehensive listings on SUICIDE PREVENTION and INTERVENTION PHONE NUMBERS as well as ONLINE INFORMATION LINKS to nationally recognized experts such as Mayo Clinic and others, regarding symptoms and what to do. This will include for all kinds of target groups, including TEENAGERS… as well as TRANSGENDER individuals, where — my research these past 2 weeks showed me that — suicides amongst that group of people is an extraordinarily high 32-50% rate. Sadly, it turns out the signs were all there on pages easily accessible on the web.

      ============ SO, Genevieve, Yes, definitely! And I am really glad you mentioned it on your own. I have had no idea who is even looking at this site. It is SO BIZARRE to me to have to even promote its existence by using PAPER posted onto a window — here in one of the most tech-savvy & entrepreneurial neighborhoods in the entire city! ha hah! ========

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