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Test New Post #1 Hello Out There

This is now just a test to get the slider to work. I am not sure why it does not work yet but I am testing by adding new posts to see if it picks up the code. We will see if that helpd this out. I cannot type worth a darn, so this will […]

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MESSAGE BOARDS now open! 20 categories: housing wanted, services you offer, more @ “the WALL”

Just Click on the logo above — or remember this direct address: Imagine a big bulletin board on the wall of the building at the N-JUDAH stop @Carl and Cole. That’s where everyone would see your notice. So that’s where you’ll put them online: For the sake of integrity of postings, registration is required […]

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Finding The Forest (photo essay)

One of the Crown Jewels of Cole Valley is actually just adjacent in Parnassus Heights – Mount Sutro Forest. … Trees. Forest. … Difference Between? Can’t Tell Thee. Shhhhh! Finding the paths to Mount Sutro Forest. … Mystery locations revealed … in our next post. ( to see each image full-size: right-click, > view image […]

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Dedicated to Mattie Posth … aka Maggie

This is Dedicated In Loving Memory to Mattie Posth, a longtime resident of this remarkable neighborhood, Cole Valley, whom we lost in the last week of June, 2011. If you saw her strolling through the neighborhood, stopping to chat with Abe at Alpha Market, or to give a good scratching to a dog at the Park […]

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